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Infographic: State of Internet in Central and Eastern Europe

Gemius in coopeation with IAB Europe, has recently released the second “Do you CEE” report. This report, apart from the up-to-date data from 15 CEE markets, is enriched with the detailed studies of the online reality in 2 additional countries – that is Belarus and Turkey. For those of us,...

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Infographic: The History of Advertising

Posted by Martin Kovac | Posted in Advertising, Study | Posted on 10-04-2012

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Infolinks published an extensive timeline of advertising and its evolution. From 2000 BC to the year 2011.

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Infographic #1: História reklamy…

Čo myslíte, ako ďaleko siaha reklama? Žeby stredovek a obdobie rytierov a kráľovstiev? Alebo je možné hovoriť o určitej reklame aj v období odkedy sa počíta náš letopočet? Čoby. Infografika o vývoji reklamy vám ukáže, že už 2.000 rokov pred naším letop…

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